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Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Food | 0 comments

Foodies Love Louisville, Kentucky

The city of Louisville, Kentucky is steadily gaining its foothold in the field of culinary excellence. The growing popularity of many Louisville restaurants is slowly putting the great city on the culinary map, not only around the whole of the United States, but also around the world. The flavors that help define the city of Louisville are not only from the city’s diverse and inventive restaurant scene but also from the local products made to set the city apart from others.

Just as with any southern city, Louisville is strong on traditional Southern cuisine – with fried steak, chicken and catfish as a regular dinner dishes, paired with vegetables such as pinto beans and greens served with cornbread. There are a lot of similarities between Southern cuisine and Kentucky cuisine, but there are also distinctly unique dishes, and Louisville offers the Hot Brown and the Derby pie as among the city’s specialty.

Going through Louisville’s restaurants will provide you a great range of unique Louisville staples. One of the most recognizable flavors of Louisville is the Benedictine Spread. This cucumber/cream cheese spread has been a staple since the 1890s. For those who prefer great coffee and confectionaries, then visiting Please & Thank You coffee shop would be the best thing to do in NuLu. For meat lovers, Game is a restaurant that can offer a great variety of meats, from kangaroo to antelope to ostrich and venison. For those looking for Asian fusion, Milkwood by Chef Edward Lee would satisfy your cravings. And to cap the day off, head to The Silver Dollar, one of the top 10 whiskey bars in the United States according to GQ Magazine.

Louisville has distinguished itself by having their own homegrown flavor and a growing population of acclaimed chefs, it is not a wonder why foodies love to visit Louisville. Sooner or later, it may become the food hub of the nation.

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