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Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in Child Custody | 0 comments

Child Custody Process

Divorce can be a difficult and complicated process, and this problem is especially true when child custody is involved. During divorce proceedings involving a marriage with children, it will be necessary to work out a custody arrangement between the two parents. Once the court has decided on the agreements regarding child support and visitation rights, both parents should be able to follow the agreement.

When negotiating visitation rights, the process will be easier if both parents agree; however, this is not always the case. After some time and certain circumstances arise, it may be possible that a modification of visitation rights is necessary. If the parents can’t reach an agreement regarding the modifications of the visitation agreement, then it may be necessary to go to court to resolve the issue. Some of the more common reasons for modifications of visitation rights are:

1.    Change of address or relocation of one parent

2.    Changes in the child’s needs

3.    Demise of the guardian or parent who has full custody of the child

4.    Evidence of violent acts of one or both parents

5.    Changes in the mental or psychological health of one or both parents


A child or children’s needs changes as time passes, and these changes may necessitate modifications of visitation rights. Minor changes such as the number of hours or days of visitation or changes in location can be talked over by both parents, but the decision should always be in the child’s best interest. Serious changes, such as relocations, child support, schedules, and other issues should be put on paper and filed for the judge and court to agree upon. This ensures clear and binding agreements on the new visitation and child support changes.

Any parent who believes they are on the losing end of the visitation rights can appeal to the court for modifications of the agreement.

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